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Fight your fear with a beard!

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Get ready for the hahahahattack! Choose a monster you fear the most and transform it into a lovely lady, grumpy old guy or whatever you like by dragging the stickers. A fun way to face your fear and fight it! Just don't be too harsh on them :)

“Fear transformation method is very effective. In child psychotherapy such technique is implemented in the form of having a child to complete and change the image of a frightening character. This app takes into consideration age-specific fears and gives the user the opportunity not only to cope with the particular fears but also to develop a strategy to overcome them. I recommend this game to children from 4 to 10 years old.” Elena Usacheva, clinical child psychologist, M.S., faculty member at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology.

Author: Natasha Boxer. Designed by Music by Misha Shklovsky.


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